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Posted: July 11, 2007

Apart from having a set of penalties, we like to reward our writers for a good job. A writer that once received a bonus will certainly want to repeat his success. That’s why we developed a flexible system of showing appreciation to our professionals:

  • We invite the customer to fill out the questionnaire. If you are satisfied with the work done by your writer, you can let us know about it by providing positive feedback. A writer that receives it will be rewarded +5 % from the total payment for order.
  • Best writers. Nothing stimulates better than fair competition. Every three months we conduct ratings for writers that completed the largest number of orders maintaining excellent quality of work. The winners will receive financial award and obtain the status of the “Best Writer” for the following three months.

We also reward our staff for showing initiative in improving the inner system of our writing service. Our company is concerned about the atmosphere inside. We strongly believe that positive attitude towards each other results on high-quality service. If you feel strongly satisfied with your writer’s work, you can also enclose writing tips