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Posted: August 13, 2007

Fix of AwesomeResearch proposal is a brief (up to two pages) overview of your research paper, giving the reader sufficient information about the work you’ve done, about the way you did it and the value of this work.
As any other research work, research proposal has its own format. Its peculiarities are as follows:

  • a language simple enough for a non-specialist to understand the major points of the paper
  • absence of references, unusual terms, scientific jargon
  • a proposed researched question should be determined by one field of science
  • proposed researched question should be as specific as possible
  • research proposal should contain the following parts:

Title – a brief precise phrase rendering the main problem of your research proposal (up to 80 characters spaces including)
Abstract – a clear summary of the work you have done, throwing light on purposes, theoretical background of the question under consideration and experimental approach (up to 10 typed lines)
Historical Background – a section where you describe your predecessors’ deeds in the field you are studying now. Note that all information taken from different sources is to be referenced
Objective – an explanation of your paper’s value, naming concrete purposes to achieve
Technical Approach – a description of the actual work you are planning to accomplish and concrete ways of doing it (theoretical and research basis)
Bibliography – a reference list where you name all sources you have referred to or cited. Note that the items should go in an alphabetical order.
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  • Rankoro Phemelo

    i am doing a research on options available to accused on trial/evidence.kindly help me with proposal

  • Armie

    my name is Armie from Hong Kong,I am gonna to apply the Doctor of Education at University of South Australia, I received the Master of Arts in Music and Postgraduate Diploma of Education at the Chinese Uni of HK and Bachelor of Music in Australia, however, I have no research background in my experience, as my Master degree was a taught Master which had no research component so that I have no idea how to write the research proposal for the application, I don’t know whether you have spare time to help me or not, I can see that you are very good at teaching people how to write it, I haven’t got the idea of the research topic yet, but it’s rougly about “teaching contemparary music(Jazz/Blues) in school “or “Jazz Education…”something like that…can u help??

    Thanks :)

  • tinashe ngwenya


    i am working with an NGO and i would like the best ooption available for a research related thesis which uplifts humanitarian race.

    looking for any topic from anyone which should be extra challenging and i guarantee you im gonna do my research thoroughly to improve peoples lives and even use it a s my masters thesis for a MSc AGECONOMICS


  • Muhammad Mubashir Farooqi

    hi, i m mubashir. i m a mechanical engineer. i m applying for UESTP scholarship
    in programme ‘energy engineering’. the application requires ‘research proposal’.
    becuz its a MS leading to PhD programme. i have no idea of writing a research proposal.
    my selected area for research is ” solar energy utilization for domestic power generation”.
    please help me in writing a gud research proposal.

  • Marie

    I am in the process of writing a research proposal in the education field. I am REALLY having a difficult time thinking of a topic. I am thought about THE EFFECTS OF SCHOOL UNIFORM ON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. I have also thought about THE EFFECTS OF PEER PRESSURE ON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. The peer pressure would be closely related to home due to the fact that I have teenagers going through peer pressure, but I am unsure if I am headed in the right direction. Can you help?

  • rajashree

    i am doing MA in social work. in the next month i am going to undertake my
    research. i am impressed way of defining the research proposal.


    i need a proposal on budget implementation and economic growth

  • alice

    I am a degree student but i need to do research project regarding banking and finance industry.
    So, i very blur about it. and i don’t even have any idea regarding the topic. But i have pick one that is “FOREX”.
    Please do help me!

  • kidega

    i need research synopsis concerning the roles internal control system in an organistion

  • desalegn negash


  • Oyeniyi M Olaleye

    I need to research the dynamics of political parties and the implications for democratization process in Nigeria but this has seemed an uphill task for me. I can’t even come out with the statement of research problems. Can wot help me out?

  • IVAN

    i need some help on the topic i can research about because am soon doing my research and i thought about researching on
    THE ROLE OF CAPITAL MARKETS ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF FINANCIAL INTERMEDIARIES. please i need some help on how i should go over this

  • mehreen

    i need a research proposal for the chemistry lab and industry i am not getting
    from this page how to write the proposal or i do not have idea to write the proposal.can any one help me out?

  • fayaz katper

    i am mechanical engineer, i am to apply for ph.d in wind energy, please help me
    in writing research proposal.

  • george

    I am a geographer, and i am applying for a master degree in Human geography ( East Meets West in
    the European North ) please help me in witting research proposal. thanks in advance.

  • Ali

    Hey all,

    I am about to complete my post graduate degree from UK and planning to do a research degree in
    Strategic Management. Can someone help me with some proposals or samples and support material.

    I would really appreciate.
    Thanks in advance!!!

  • Felix

    Hello, I need your assistance as a need to write research proposal in my chosen
    topic after my course work.Can you be of help? How can i go about this!

  • khadija


    I did masters in economics without research option.Now i want to persue a doctoral programme for which I have to forward a research propoal.I have decided to work on the role of monetary policy in capital formation in LDCs. I have no idea, how to prepare it.please help me


  • stanley

    thank’s a lot.

  • Endale mekonnen

    Thankyou for your help Ineed to have research propsal format .

  • marini

    Thanks guys!!!!

  • jane

    thanks for nice guideline , its verry nice, as i pursue my bachelor degree in insurance and risk management, please help me to get the research topic on insurance industry.


    wonderful and the best

  • Anonymous

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  • cynthia lucia

    hi,am an industrial microbiology & biotechnology student to write my research proposal.i would like to get help

  • deadlineman

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  • Anonymous

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  • Mary

    i need to write a social work proposal please may you kindly help me

  • Anonymous

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  • Fay

    hi!i’m bachelor of public administration in public services management student,i want to write my research proposal.i wold like tog help on selection of topics and how to go about in general

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately our blog doesn’t have any articles specifically on public administration. But I can tell you that in this kind of papers it’s important to keep things current and up-to-date. For example, one of the important current issues – Occupy Wall Street. As a public administration official will you be able to keep the situation under control? Maybe you should research certain techniques, which could help a specific governing body to act in situations like this.

    Think about this and think about the stuff that you find interesting to write about. You might also find this article to be interesting:

    Thank you

  • Anonymous

    I need to work on a ethics in business paper, just dont know how to go about it.

  • Anonymous

    I need to work on a ethics in business paper, but dont know how to go about it?

  • Anonymous

    First of all, define what business ethics is – search online, find relevant articles in Wiki or other sources. Then try googling articles on business ethics – it’s a pretty substantial topic and usually, when it comes to books, it becomes a part of a larger topic – business administration, for example. I’m that your local/campus library and research what you can find there.

    It’s basically writing left, after you’re done with all these important steps.

  • Chika Lucia

    I need to write a proposal on this topic “budgeting as a tool of management control and planning” to be summit in the next three days. Please may you help me

  • Anonymous

    Hello, Chika!
    Well, do you need the research proposal done in 3 days, or the whole thing – the research paper? It’s important because our advise will change depending on your answer:)

  • Sylvester

    my name is Agyemang Sylvester from Ghana i need a research proposal on information technology please i need a help


    Hi.l require your assistance on how to write a research proposal on the effects of education on adolescent sexual behaviour.

  • celina

    Your idea for this topic is amazing and i am taking interest in this topic..You give such a nice information indeed..Thanks for this nice sharing..PSD to WordPress

  • bright

    I a sample on research proposal on poverty alleviation through agricultural marketing.

  • Arbie Prince Servo Mahinay

    hi.. im jhon.. im making a research proposal.. and it ws so hard..and i dont have any title yet.. pls help me..

  • Arbie Prince Servo Mahinay

    hi.. im jhon.. im making a research proposal.. and it ws so hard..and i dont have any title yet.. pls help me.. send it trough my email.. this day or tommorow.. have a nice day.. godbless

  • Lugola Sitta

    i need assistance in writing research proposal because i don’t understand the most procedure used by researchers in finding topics, my research is about the high mortality rate in Tanzania specifically in mbeya city, please help me in order to accomplish my first degree

  • Lugola Sitta

    I need to write a Geographical research on high population growth in Kenya Vs Natural resources may you kindly help me

  • kopsynave uruneso

    Hi, I’m a final year Bachalor of Medical Laboratory Science student in the process of writing a research proposal on “anaemia (a morphological study of red cells to determine or catogorize the type on anaemia affecting my study population. Please help with the necessary information on how to go about with my proposal.

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  • Mr.Riaz

    please help me in writing a gud research proposal.

  • Mr.Riaz

    market research proposal Project Purple Research to prepare Guide me

  • Mr.Riaz

    Sample Organization for a Non-discipline-specific Research Proposal

    Please send me on this email . I m waiting for friends reply

  • kaleem

    hello i need a topic for my msms finance to choose a easy topic any one help me?

  • Aditya

    Hi i am Aditya Dogra from India and i am a grade-12, IB student and planning to do my Extended Essay on Language B. So, kindly send me some ideas on how the EE research proposal should look like. Thank You