To pass in a French class you do not actually have to wear a beret and be able to dance can-can. Most teachers prefer to humiliate their students in a different manner – by making them write French courseworks.

       If you are no good in French grammar, and coursework on French gives you goose bumps, there are at least two things you can do. You can either kidnap some French foreign exchange student and make him write a French coursework for you, or fly all the way o France and try to talk the first stranger help you in writing coursework on French.

      If neither of these variants suits you, or all foreign exchange students have ran away once they heard of a French coursework assignment, then there is nothing else you can do but to pull yourself together, pour some coffee, have a croissant (there you go, use this word in your French coursework), grab your notes and a dictionary, and get to work.

       French courseworks usually come in a shape of an essay. It can be either geographical, or ethnical, or simply creative. But hey, a French coursework is still easier than a dissertation in French.

      If to be serious, you can be considered lucky if there is a French exchange student-tutor in your class. Your French coursework will only profit if you choose a topic that interests you, and talk to him/her about it. Say, if you are fond of architecture, your coursework on French can be dedicated to the Eiffel Tower, Arch of Triumph, Versailles or Louvers. And if you are able to find some peculiar details, and A+ on French coursework is guaranteed. Just restrain your imagination a little, or you will end up with ideas as crazy as Dan Brown’s.

  • pam

    Thatz simply an outstanding TRUTH!!!!!! Thanks for the courage.