Actually, there is nothing hard in writing a comparative essay. The overall structure matches the requirements suitable for any other essay type. As always, the most peculiar thing is the final stopping point of your comparative essay. You will have to come to a certain conclusion, leaning on the results of your comparison. The next are seven useful hints on writing comparative essays:

  1. A comparative essay is comparing two or more things. How many items you want to bring together, depends only on you. However, keep in mind that ten things in one small comparative essay will be just too much.
  2. Look for common grounds for comparison. A comparative essay can not bring together and try to find similarities in two absolutely different things like car and banana. Oh yes, and try to find something extraordinary.
  3. The thesis statement in the comparative essay should be built as an assertion that the two things you are comparing have some similarities, but still differ. The development of your comparative essay will point at the differences.
  4. There are several ways to match items in a comparative essay. You can either compare them, or their similar sides. Whatever you choose, stick to the chosen policy till the end of the writing.
  5. Give to every compared item equal amount of space in your comparative essay.
  6. Do not forget that all features of the items have to be linked to the thesis statement. If they do not, something goes wrong in your writing.
  7. Do not do a mechanical job. Your comparative essays has to be a single text, not a list of differences.
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