How to Write an Excellent Research Paper?

General Writing Advice

Posted: November 9, 2007

So, you are to write a research paper, and you want it to be excellent. But what should you do to manage it? That is easy. All you need for writing an excellent research paper is here. In front of you!
Research paper’s general format
Research papers format requirement may differ. There exists a great amount of possible research paper formats. We will list the most common of these requirements:

  • You should use standard font such as Times New Roman, or Arial, or some other one. The type size should be 12pt;
  • You should double space the text of your research paper;
  • Margins all around each page of your research paper should be 1 inch;
  • You should better start each section from a new page;
  • Every first line of a paragraph should be indented;
  • You should place each table or a diagram on a separate page.

Research paper’s structure
Your research work has to be well-structured. There are a lot of research paper’ structure variants, but there also exist some basic elements of research paper structure. They are:

  • Research paper title page. It should include such elements as research title, researcher’s name and the date of submission.
  • Research paper abstract. Research summary consisting of two hundred words or less. It has to include the research’s main purpose, brief description of your research, research’s results and conclusions. Research paper abstract has to be presented as a single paragraph. You should focus on the main results of your research.
  • Research paper introduction. It proves the significance of the research, and describes the methods of your research.
  • Research paper methodology. Presents the methods you have used to provide your research. You should use active voice in this part of your research paper.
  • Research paper body. Contains theoretical part, where you present the basis of your research, and practical part, where you describe your own research.
  • Research paper conclusion. Shows and proves the results of your research.
  • List of references. Here you list all the sources which were helpful for your research.