For many students writing an Art History essay is quite a new assignment and they face some difficulties. However, they can be solved very quickly if you read some materials about Art History or, at least, ask your tutor several questions.
The main thing one should know about Art History essays is that you will have to study and analyze a piece of visual arts. Even if you have never done it before, it is more likely that you will succeed. I am sure that you have a previous experience of analyzing something. For instance, you should have analyzed some literature works or historical events. This is great, because you can safely apply your skills to writing your Art History essay.
Still, your main task remains the same. In the Art History essay you will have to introduce various arguments. They will be just based on art.
While writing your Art History essay, you will have to use different approaches to art. Perhaps yet you are not aware of them. This problem can be also solved easily. First, you can always resort to the help of your tutor. Second, there are several approaches to art that are basic and you can learn about them from any specific literature.
There is one important thing to be mentioned about any Art History essay. You should fully understand the assignment. So, when you get one, spend some time on investigating what the exact purposes are.
Now, let me say a few words about the topics for the Art History essays. You have a chance to choose from a great variety of problems. Art exists from all eternity. You can choose any century and period of time for your Art History essay.

  • Ancient Greece: Architecture and Design
  • Medieval Europe: the Development of Theatre
  • Dance and Music of Ancient Egypt
  • Literature of Germany in the Age of Baroque

Art History essay can be a really exciting assignment and it is not very difficult to do if you just spend some time on accomplishing it.
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