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Posted: April 24, 2008

11These days ice hockey is one of the most popular sport games, even in those countries where it is always hot and no ice (except artificial) can be met. Hockey is a very speedy and physical game, and is usually associated with strong and courageous men. You know, there was a song about hockey that says: “Only real men play hockey, cowards do not!”
So, you have to write an essay on hockey. Perhaps you do not know what exactly you should write in your essay on hockey. Well, there are actually a lot of various issues about hockey that you may consider.
Essays on hockey can tell about the present situation in hockey, about National Hockey League, about hockey in the modern culture and so on. Still, we would like to talk about the history of this game. It seems to be really interesting to investigate the origins of hockey, and you can do it with the hockey essays.
What hockey essays can tell about the history of this wonderful game?

  • Believe it or not, but 4000 years old drawings found in Egypt depict something resembling hockey very much. Thus, your essay on hockey can check this information and find evidence of the game in ancient Egypt.

  • In essays on hockey you are welcome to investigate the etymology of the word, which is not studied well. Some scientists consider this word to derive from the Old French word hoquet, which means shepherd’s crook. Others tend to think that this word originates from Middle Dutch hokkie, which means doghouse.
  • In hockey essays you can study the impact of European immigrants on hockey. By the way, North America gained different variations of hockey due to the immigrants. For instance, Irish immigrants brought hurling, and Scottish – a sport of shinty.

Thus, I am sure you will not be bored investigating the origins of hockey in hockey essays.
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