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Posted: June 10, 2008

persuasive essays on immigrationImmigration is one of the controversial issues today. That is why it is always interesting to write a persuasive essay on this topic. However, it can also be an argumentative essay. Anyway, you need to develop your own position on this question, since this is the main principle of persuasive essay writing.
Still, we are not going to discuss the rules of writing an essay. If you need these instructions, you can get them from your tutor. We would rather talk about some specific aspects of immigration that can be covered in persuasive essays on immigration.

  • First, essays on immigration should give some numbers, statistics. You can consider the latest tendencies of immigration: tell about the most “attractive” countries in terms of immigration and those countries that are constantly being abandoned by their citizens.
  • In immigration essays you should analyze the reasons for immigration. These reasons can be split into economic (desire to escape from poverty, unemployment) and non-economic (religious, natural disasters, war) ones.
  • You can study the immigration policy of a particular country in essays on immigration. Thus, you will be able to define which countries are easy to immigrate in and which are not. In essays on immigration you should also pay special attention to the problem of illegal immigration.

  • Finally, if you are writing persuasive essays on immigration, you need to study all the supporting and opposing arguments. Among the supportive arguments that can be mentioned in essays on immigration are: economic, cultural, demographic and some other aspects. Some of the opposing arguments are: security, nationalistic, environmental, health arguments.

The problem of immigration is rather versatile, and in persuasive essays on immigration you should try to cover the most debatable aspects of this problem.
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