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Posted: July 24, 2008

“Our government resets in public opinion. Whoever can change public opinion, can change the government, practically just so much.”
A. Lincoln. –December 10, 1856 Speech at Chicago.

Essays on Good GovernanceDoes the term “good governance” exist? If yes, what example can be given in order to present good governance? Is it not a good beginning for an involving essay on good governance? Do you need more ideas that can be presented in essays on good governance? Then this article is just for you.

  • Introducing a problem. “Since recently, the term “good governance” almost does not exist in people’s mind. More and more politicians take care about their personal interests and for their own benefits”. Stop here. This sentence can serve as a catchy thesis statement for your essay on good governance. The rest of your essay on good governance will be supporting this statement by reasonable explanations, examples and quotations;
  • Supporting your thesis statement. Remember that supporting the thesis statement of your essay on good governance should be presented gradually, from the most generally known facts up to particular examples. Can the term “good governance” be related to the past only? Giving a few examples from the history of the American Revolution (use the article “American revolution essay” on our weblog) in your essay on good governance will help you make sense of the term itself. It would be rather reasonable to compare and contrast politicians from the past and present days in essays on good governance. Provide the list of necessary characteristi
  • Drawing a conclusion. Your essay on good governance should have a brilliant conclusion if you want to astonish the readers by your perfect analytical abilities. Let your reader complete the idea if you want your essay on good governance to be effective.

Sometimes, papers on this topic can sound like “papers on corporate governance”. Tell about your personal attitude towards corporate governance. The structure of papers on corporate governance will be similar to the one presented above.
You may also use information on liberalism from the article “Liberalism essay” that you can find on our weblog.
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