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Posted: October 21, 2008

Multicultural EssaysOne of the assignments that students of different academic institutions may face is to write multicultural essays. At a glance, writing multicultural essays may seem rather a complicated task. Still, once you understand what ‘multiculturalism’ means, preparing multicultural essays will not be a problem for you.
Multiculturalism refers to racial and cultural diversity within different organizations in society. Is it difficult for you to understand? Be patient and everything will become clear.
Multicultural essays are about discussing the policies that aim at recognizing different cultures within a society. For example, you may write:

  1. Multicultural Education Essays. Multicultural education essays aim to analyze the major goals of academic institutions in relation to minority students. The main purpose is to provide all students, no matter where they come from and what their origins are, with equal educational opportunities.
  2. Multicultural education essays may also aim to analyze how the policy mentioned above is carried out in different countries like Malaysia, South Korea, the USA, Singapore, etc.

  3. Multicultural Tolerance vs. Economic and Social Benefits. Fortunately, multiculturalism is not all about education only. You can talk about multicultural tolerance and social benefits in your multicultural essay. For many years, politicians have been supporting visionary ideas of bringing people together “until justice is blind to color” (L. Johnson). So, multicultural essays may answer the following questions:
    • Were any of those ideas realized?
    • How did multicultural policy affect economic and social benefits?
  4. Multicultural Health Essays
  5. One more topic that may be considered in multicultural essays is “Multicultural Health”. If you decide to investigate this issue in your multicultural essay, you can learn more about different kinds of medicine that are practiced in different countries of the world.

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