Do You Know Why MBA Essays Are Important?

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Posted: January 28, 2009

why MBA essayAre you applying to a business school and do not know why MBA essays are important? Or, probably, you just do not get why MBA essays should be taken seriously. You are sure that your GPA or GMAT results play much more important role for the final decision of the admission committee.
Then, we have to explain you why MBA essays are no less important than your scores.

  1. You can be sure that the great majority of applicants will have the same high scores, valuable experiences, outstanding merits, and so on. It is not easy to single out among them. It is the major reason why an MBA essay is of a great significance. This paper is your chance to demonstrate some unique qualities of yours that distinguish you from other applicants.
  2. The admission committee wants to know whether you are ready to study in a business school and become a part of the business world one day.

Hope now you understand why MBA essay writing is considered to be one of the crucial stages of the application process.
Let us give you a couple of helpful tips for MBA essay writing. Particularly, we want to focus on several aspects that can make MBA essays strong.
Why is sincerity important for MBA essays?
Do not make up stories. Do not try to make an image of a person who is endowed with positive traits only. People are not perfect and admission officers know about it.
Why do complaints and whines not work in MBA essays?
Students use this strategy to explain some of their blemishes like poor grades. It really does not work, and we recommend you think over reasonable explanations for your weak points.
Why should examples be used in MBA essays?
It is the most effective way to “show” what you have achieved.
So, can you now answer the question “Why MBA essays are so important?”
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