Essays on Science and Technology: Writing Strategies

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Posted: June 3, 2009

essay on science and technologyScience and technology are closely related to each other, and it seems like they are two major factors influencing the progress of our society. Besides, your next written assignment is devoted to these issues. Let us discuss some good strategies for writing for you to get an A+ on your essay on science and technology.
Essays on science and technology
Definitely, talking about the importance of science and technology development is not enough. You have to think of some specific issues that you can introduce in your essay on science and technology.
Here are a couple of examples for you:

  • Pick any developed nation and consider its scientific and technological development. Let it be Japan, for instance.
  • Write a compare and contrast essay on science and technology and touch upon some global issues like Eastern and Western scientific and technological development.

Essays for Science class
If you have to prepare an essay for your Science class, the main subjects of your paper will be Physics, Chemistry, Ecology, and some others. Here are a couple of questions you might have to answer in science essays:

  • What are plastics made of?
  • What are positive and negative effects of global warming?

Finally, let us give you some recommendations for writing science essays:

  • Make sure you understand the question or formulate your own clearly.
  • Define the purpose of writing your science essay and choose the most suitable essay type.
  • Decide on several main points you are going to discuss in your science essay. Think whether you have enough arguments for each one.

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