Career Goals Essays: Have You Chosen Your Future Occupation

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Posted: August 17, 2009

essay on career goalsThere are two major cases when you might be assigned to prepare a professional goals essay. Either it can be just another task from your teacher or you might be dealing with a college essay on career goals.
No matter why you are writing this paper, you have one important purpose – to tell about the chosen career and explain your choice.
Anyway, our writers are ready to share some secrets of making essays on career goals for both cases described above.
If a teacher asks to write an essay on career goals
Actually, you are lucky to get such assignment. It is a brilliant opportunity to think about your future, make some sort of career plan, or decide on the future job if you have not done this yet.
Here is a list of things to be included into your career goals essay:

  • Start with general information, e.g. tell what you will be doing in 7-10 years.
  • Explain your choice.
  • Tell in your career goals essay how you plan to achieve professional objectives (college that you need to enter, major skills that you need to acquire, etc.).

If you are writing a college essay on career goals
Well, your mission remains the same, and your college essay on career goals should provide reasonable explanations of your professional decision. Yet, there are some peculiarities that you should consider:

  • A good college essay on career goals should explain your choice of this or that college or program.
  • It should include information about related experiences of yours, skills, knowledge, etc.
  • You will have to describe your long and short-term career objectives.

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