“Proud to Be an American” Essays: If You Have Nothing to Write about

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Posted: September 2, 2009

proud to be an american essaysActually, it sounds very strange that you do not know what to write in your “Proud to Be an American” essay. You are living in a free, wealthy country that is considered to be one of the main powers in the modern world. You go to school, live in a house, have food, a cell phone – this list can go on and on – and you still do not know what your “Proud to Be an American” essay should be about.
Or, you think that the United States are not the best country in the world. You do not like its policy towards some nations and its own citizens, and see some other flaws. And sometimes, you even feel like you are NOT proud to be an American. Oh no, this is not the right topic for “Proud to Be an American” essays!
Options described above are something that other guys will discuss in their “Proud to Be an American” essays but not you. You believe that your “Proud to Be an American” essay should include some significant points but do not know what exactly.
Maybe, the following info will help you decide on the content of your “Proud to Be an American” essay. We have listed several ideas for you to highlight.
Democratic traditions and government
Are you not proud of your Constitution that provides and protects people’s rights, separates three branches of the government, etc? It seems to be a good idea to include into “Proud to Be an American” essays.
Freedom of speech, expression, media
People can talk and think about anything they want and express it in various forms. These are perfect issues to be proud of and discuss in “Proud to Be an American” essays.
Cultural diversity
There are so many different cultures living together in the United States. This should definitely be mentioned in “Proud to Be an American” essays.
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