Biblical Essays: Free Topic Ideas and Recommendations

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Posted: October 5, 2009

biblical essayAs practice shows, many students find the task to prepare biblical essays rather complicated. It especially refers to those who do not attend any Christian school or simply are not too interested in biblical issues and have not read the Bible.
Well, do not worry, you still have a chance to create an excellent biblical essay. Our free writing recommendations and topic ideas will help you. So, let us start with several recommendations for writing biblical essays.
Choosing the Bible
The Holy Bible will be one of the main sources of information for your biblical essay. You can take quotes from this source, use it to sort out some questions, etc.
However, understanding the Bible is not easy. For some people, it takes years to read it till the end and understand everything.
There are a lot of translations and versions of the Bible. Sure, the meaning is the same in all versions, but it is expressed in different ways. This is why you should choose the “right” Bible to complete your biblical essay. Thus, it will be easier for you to get this or that verse and use it as an explanation in your biblical essay.
Biblical research topics
Choosing a good biblical topic will be another challenge for you. Some students tend to think that they should write about demons, fallen angels, resurrection, or some other sophisticated things.
Actually, nobody expects you to cover such complicated biblical topics. What is more, you do not have to spend too much time searching for a good one. Any current “hot-button” issue will be a perfect topic for biblical essays: abortion, sexual orientation, teenage sex, and so on.
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