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Posted: October 27, 2009

essays on transportationSo, your teacher said “Write an essay on transportation” and set up the deadline. What you know about transportation is that there are a lot of cars in your city, your dad owns Dodge, and you want to have red Toyota Prius.
Well, do not panic! Transportation is an amazing topic, and the essay on transportation can be devoted not only to your favorite kinds of transport. We are glad to provide several topic ideas for essays on transportation that will make your teacher surprised and happy.
Essays on transportation: idea #1
History of transportation is a brilliant topic to cover in your essay. Why? Because people got used to see cars everywhere but have no clue how it all started.
Tell in your essay on transportation about the following:

  • invention of the wheel by Mesopotamian people;
  • invention of the boat;
  • use of horses for transportation;

Essays on transportation: idea # 2
Your essay on transportation can be devoted to the train era, which changed people’s life significantly, made traveling easy, etc. Start your essay on transportation about the train era with the invention of the locomotive by Richard Trevithick.
Essays on transportation: idea # 3
If you are a car fan and expert, your essay on transportation can be devoted to cars only, the first internal combustion engines, the first vehicle invented by Karl Benz, or the American inventor Henry Ford who created a car called the Model T.
These are just a few issues to cover in your essay. If you are not into history of transportation, there are a lot of acute problems that you can write about.
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