Nursing Reflective Essays: Your Impressions from Clinical Placement

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Posted: October 30, 2009

nursing reflective essaysSo, you are a nurse student, and your clinical placement has recently finished. We are sure you have a lot of impressions, ideas as to your future work. You have gained some very important skills and knowledge, something that you would never learn in theory.
Now, it is time to prepare a nursing reflective essay and tell about everything seen and done. This kind of essay causes some troubles for many nurse students. If you are stuck with your nursing reflective essay as well, we are glad to help you.
General guidelines to check before getting down to work on a nursing reflective essay

  • Start with looking through the samples of reflective essays in nursing. You should have a kind of writing model.
  • Make sure you know the basic rules of writing reflective essays.
  • Most probably, you were taking some notes during your clinical placement. Take them out and read carefully.

Necessary steps one should take to complete a nursing reflective essay
Step 1
Needless to say, you will not be able to describe everything that happened to you during that clinical placement. To write your nursing reflective essay, you need to choose one episode.
Explain why you want to describe this particular case and provide necessary details about it.
Step 2
Do not waste too much space of your nursing reflective essay describing the episode. You also need to provide some general info about your placement. Tell about your responsibilities, hospital staff, etc.
Step 3
Tell in your nursing reflective essay about difficulties, some stresses faced. What caused them? How did you manage those situations?
Keep in mind the rule of writing ethics when completing this task. You cannot provide the names of your patients or staff in the essay, at least, if they do not give their permission.
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