Civil Rights Movement Essays: Where to Start Your Research

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Posted: December 14, 2009

essays on the civil rights movementThe Civil Rights Movement was a significant period in the history of the United States not only because of all those prominent people whose ideas became famous and made American culture rich. The Civil Rights Movement helped our society to overcome and get rid of some stereotypes, helped us learn to respect every individual and his/her rights.
Well, what else do you know and can write about in your Civil Rights Movement essay? Oh, it seems like you have not come up with a good topic idea yet!
Then let us explain where you should start your research to make papers on the Civil Rights Movement stand out.
Human rights vs. civil rights
Actually, it is important to know the difference between these two concepts if you are writing an essay on the Civil Rights Movement. In a few words, people have rights not only because they are humans, but also because they live in a society where all people should enjoy equal rights and opportunities.
“Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka”
It is a famous court case (1954) that you should be familiar with if you are writing an essay on the Civil Rights Movement. This case helped to stop segregation in schools.
The Civil Rights Act (1964)
It is an important document signed by the President Lyndon Johnson. Study it carefully before you start writing the Civil Rights Movement essay.
Prominent activists
Sure, essays on the Civil Rights Movement will be incomplete without mentioning some prominent activists, their ideas, activities, etc. We are sure you will write about Martin Luther King in the Civil Rights Movement essay. However, do not forget about others like Rosa Parks who inspired Martin Luther King or Ella Baker, etc.
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