Essays on Women Empowerment: How to Disclose Your Topic

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Posted: January 14, 2010

It seems like the topic of your next essay makes you seriously puzzled, and you have no clue what to write about in your essay on women empowerment.
Well, we should say that you are going to deal with a complex and multifaceted concept. Investigating it and sorting everything out might take quite a lot of time. This is why we strongly recommend you not to put off work on your essay on women empowerment.
We, definitely, have some useful tips for writing women empowerment essays that will help you get started.
Looking for definitions
Before you start working on your women empowerment essay, we suggest to define some key words. For instance, what is your definition of empowerment? In a few words, it means having some powers, but what exactly is meant when we talk about women empowerment?
Women empowerment = feminism
Sure, these two concepts are very closely related. Most probably, your teacher expects your women empowerment essay to be devoted to some feminism related issue.
Again, we should warn you that feminism is a complicated phenomenon that requires a lot of time to be studied. That is why let us help you narrow down the focus of your essay on women empowerment.

  • Make an overview for your women empowerment essay. Briefly explain the main objectives of the feminist movement and tell about its three waves.
  • Talk about specific ideologies within the movement. Choose one of the feminist ideologies to discuss in your essay on women empowerment, provide details about it, mention some famous representatives, etc. You may choose from the following:
    • anarcha-feminism
    • socialist and Marxist feminism
    • radical feminism
    • liberal feminism

Women empowerment in different countries
What do you know about the roles and rights of women in India, China, Pakistan, or some other countries? Where do they work? Are they involved in political life? There are many interesting questions to answer in essays on women empowerment.
Reading our articles about workplace essays and essays on violence against women might be helpful as well.

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