Essays on the American Civil War: What Happened 200 Years Ago?

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Posted: January 15, 2010

The American Civil War or the War Between the States as it is also called is considered the bloodiest and the most destructive conflict in the history of the United States, which resulted in 620,000 deaths. Till the present days, there are many disputable issues and questions left. You have a chance to answer them or, at least, get closer to the right answer when writing your essay on the American Civil War.
Bet right now you are trying to come up with the main idea for your essay on the Civil War. Have you already looked through free essays on the Civil War? What do other students tend to discuss? The main causes of the war, some key events, or important personalities?
Well, these are common topics to cover in the American Civil War essays. Probably, your teacher also expects to see in papers on the Civil War answers to the above-mentioned questions.
However, if you want to single out and make the Civil War essay more impressive, try some different approaches to answering typical questions. Let us give you an example.
Many papers on the Civil War that are devoted to the causes of the conflict say that slavery was one of the main reasons for the war. You may also focus on this issue in your own work, but try to answer the following questions:

  • What if there was no slavery in the Southern states?
  • Would the conflict be possible?

What we mean is that if you decide to talk about the causes of the war in your Civil War essay, you should look beyond common explanations and consider some other factors – economic, political, and ideological.
To make essays on the Civil War convincing and well-supported, use statistics, politicians’ speeches of those times, eyewitness’ stories, etc.
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