Essays on Rape: One of the Most Widespread Crimes

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Posted: February 25, 2010

essays on rapeIt is a really sad fact, but such terrible crime as rape is one of the most widespread. Statistics shows that more than 250,000 rape cases or attempts to rape are recorded by police annually. This data cover 65 countries all over the world. And, certainly, this statistics is not 100% precise, because a huge number of rape cases or attempts to commit this crime go unreported.
If you conduct research, you will find a lot of other shocking numbers that can be included into your essay on rape. You will also come across stories of victims, reports of scholars and psychologists that will all be a good basis for papers on rape. We recommend you visit the following website – http://www. rape. co. za/. Here, you will find results of a poll that asks rape survivors about their age and other useful resources for your essay on rape.
Definitely, providing statistics is a perfect way to make essays on rape sound persuasive and impressive. However, the whole essay on rape cannot be based on figures only. They should revolve around a unifying theme. Have you already thought about it?
Actually, many topics for essays on rape are frequently discussed. Yet, since nothing changes with time and such crime as rape is not eliminated, these issues are worth discussing.
So, here are a couple of ideas for essays on rape:

  • Date rape;
  • Rape on college campuses;
  • Spousal rape;
  • Female-male rape;
  • Prison rape, etc.

Sure, this topic can be viewed in broader terms. For instance, in your essay on rape, you can:

  • Give the definition of rape.
  • Tell about various types of rape.
  • Explain how a victim should act.
  • Explain how rape can be prevented, etc.

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