GMAT Essays: Very Important Things to Know

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Posted: April 22, 2010

gmat essay exampleGMAT is a test that all students who wish to enter a business school should take. These days, a few important tests can go without the essay writing section, and GMAT is not an exception. So, writing a GMAT essay is one of the steps you will have to take.
What important things should one know and keep in mind about GMAT essays?

  1. GMAT essays are designed to check your analytical writing skills.
  2. You will actually have to write two GMAT essays: Analysis of Issue and Analysis of Argument essays. You will have 30 minutes for the completion of each GMAT essay.
  3. Finally, GMAT essays are evaluated by “E-rater” – a computer program or simply a robot that scans essays and gives grades.

We advise you to take this last point about the robot who will read your GMAT essay very seriously. It is just a program that you should not try to impress. Just follow all the rules of writing good essays, and the robot will rate your GMAT essay highly.
Our writers have listed these important rules of writing GMAT essays for you.
Practice, practice, practice
Believe it or not, but it is one of the major keys to success. Find as many GMAT essay samples as possible. Check in those sample essays for GMAT possible topics that you may face. Practice writing a good essay in 30 minutes.
No ranting
Most probably, you will have to cover some controversial issues that require introducing your personal attitude and opinion. Many students start writing the essay as if it was a post on their blog. Do not make this mistake, be precise and up to the point.
Do not try to “cheat” the robot
We have already mentioned that your essay will be evaluated by “E-rater”. It cannot evaluate your sense of humor, your personal traits, or the importance of your achievements. This robot will focus on the structure and style of your paper, thus, do you best to “please” him.
At the end, we want to remind you once again about GMAT essay examples and practice as the main keys to success.
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