Writing a Thesis Statement or Creating One of the Most Important Sentences in your Paper

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Posted: September 22, 2010

writing a thesis statementDo you still have some doubts about what writing a thesis statement is all about? Then, we are glad to explain you everything once again, because a thesis is really one of the most important sentences in any paper that can either bring additional points or affect the final grade negatively.
And the significance of writing a thesis statement boils down not only to the grades you are given, but also to the overall quality of your writing.
Let us start with its definition. So, what is a thesis statement? Very often, it is simply defined as a roadmap to an essay, something that explains what to expect from a paper. However, a thesis has some other functions like:

  • it presents your position on a matter;
  • it explains what you will argue for;
  • it shows how you interpret the significance of your topic.

All these are important characteristics that you should keep in mind when writing a thesis statement. What other essential aspects one should consider when writing thesis statements? Here is a quick check-list for you.
Writing a thesis statement: aspect 1
Before you start creating a thesis, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what type of paper you are going to write. Are you writing:

  1. an analytical paper that evaluates something?
  2. or an expository paper, which is designed to explain something?
  3. or an argumentative essay, where you will make a claim?

Writing a thesis statement: aspect 2
Always make your thesis as specific as possible. Do not include too many points. Choose only those you will address later in your essay.
Writing a thesis statement: aspect 3
Come back to your thesis after the essay is finished. If your topic has changed a little in the course of writing, necessary changes should also be made to the thesis.

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