Essays about TV: What a Teacher May Be Impressed with

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Posted: October 8, 2010

essays tvAn essay about TV does not look like an extraordinary assignment. Or, to be specific, the topic of television is not new, which is why writing something really impressive can be rather tricky. Yet, you should still try to single out and write an essay about TV that will be different from all other papers in your class.
First, let us ask you whether a teacher asked to cover some specific issues in essays about TV. If it is so, then you have nothing to do but fulfill teacher’s requirements. However, if you can pick own topic for discussion, let us help you make the right choice.
By the way, have you already come up with some ideas for your essay about TV? Let us guess what you have. Most probably, you have those discussed to death ideas like TV violence, negative effects of TV on children, various negative images created on TV, and so on.
Well, we do not mean that these topics are not important, but essays about TV devoted to one of them can hardly impress your teacher. Believe us, he/she has already seen too many essays on television of that kind. Besides, is it really so necessary to talk only about negative aspects in essays about TV? After all, television also brings a lot of useful things to our lives, and your essay about TV can be devoted to them.
For instance, you may discuss various educative programs about animals and wild life that can be watched on Animal Planet or Discovery. Or, your essay about TV can be devoted to one of those programs in How Stuff Works series. Or, you can try to get “inside” your favorite TV show and describe in the essay about TV how it is made, starting from writing a plot to releasing the show on air.
In our next article, we explain how to prepare a photo essay.

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