Motivate Yourself: PART 21 (20 Pics)

Motivate Yourself

Posted: November 22, 2011

1. Really? I think we’ve got a problem here:)

2. Damn, we’re late!

3. Taram-tam-tam…taram-tam-tam

4. Cats are the reason behind the creation of the Internet

5. He’s Chucks cousin

6. Watch out…we’re dealing with a bad ass here!

7. Already

8. Oh…wait, what?!

9. If you noticed the absence of the toilet paper, than I’ve got some bad news for you

10. How?!

11. Not that exact piece – the whole company starts to cry

12. Like a BAWS!

13. Yeah!

14. Putin got some style

15. I was always bad with these pictures, still can’t see the forest

16. Ninja Norris

17. Is it the latest one? Where can I get one?

18. Oh, snap!

19. Noooo…I don’t want to be a father of such a cold and heartless creature!

20. We these, you can call me Marmaduke and have me bring you your slippers in my mouth

  • Delilah Jacob

    Not all Christians are allowed to eat bacon..We Adventist don’t eat bacon because it is unclean..Thank you..

    Adventist girl..:)