• 14.pngStudents who are going to take MBA program will have to present a good MBA entrance essay. If you make a claim to get your Master of Business Administration degree, you should achieve the purpose number one: to write an excellent MBA entrance essay. Of course, you will not dispense with a piece of good advice. So, the tips on writing your MBA entrance essay will be a good helper in this case.

    • Brainstorm a bit. Ask yourself the following questions:
      • Why have you decided to take this program?
      • What career goals do you have? What is the plan of their realization?
      • What area would you like to specialize in?
      • What success have you already achieved within the area of Business?
      • Why do you think you will become a good business leader?
    • Identify the scope of your essay. Formulate the essay topic of your MBA entrance essay;
    • Make an outline of your MBA entrance essay. Define what information you will include into the paragraphs of your MBA entrance essay. Make sketches of the paragraphs;
    • Make a plan of your MBA entrance essay. Make sure that information you are going to state will be expressed in a logical way. The following paragraph of your MBA entrance essay should gradually flow from the previous one;
    • Compose the Introduction. The Introductory part of your MBA entrance essay should tell in brief about your intentions and expectations from MBA program you are going to apply to;
    • Make the Body of your MBA entrance essay. The brainstorming questions can help you a lot with your writing;
    • Draw the Conclusion. The concluding part of your MBA entrance essay should impress the admission committee. So, try your best to impress the committee so that they would have no hesitation to accept you.

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  • College essay formats were designed to standardize papers, therefore, to make the process of their grading easier and more transparent. Now teachers have a list of requirements on the basis of which they decide whether you deserve an A or a B or even a lower grade.
    Let us discuss the peculiarities of two common college essay formats- APA and MLA. Certainly, there are other college essay formats that you can use, but it is recommended to stick to one of the writing styles mentioned above.
    MLA college essay format – its guidelines
    Comparing the requirements for MLA and APA college essay formats, it can be noticed that the MLA writing style’s list of guidelines is relatively shorter than the APA list. To be more precise, in the MLA college essay format you do not need to include a title page, instead, you should only reflect your name, the name of your professor, your course title and the date in the left upper corner of the page.
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  • Before writing a rose for Emily essay you definitely need to read this story. Not just because you need it for your essay but simply it is interesting and cognitive story.
    The author of this story is William Faulkner — an American writer. In your a Rose for Emily essay you can write some details concerning his life.
    So, you can start your a Rose for Emily essay with that fact that the story takes place in invented city Jefferson and in invented county Yoknapatawpha. This story describes a whimsical woman Emily Grierson. In your a rose for Emily essay you should say that she is nearly 30 years old but is still under the control of her father. They have strange relations. After his death she was broken-hearted but nevertheless she felt freedom of living her own life.
    In your a Rose for Emily essay you should not forget about very important character of Homer Barron. He was an ordinary worker from North but Emily fell in live with him. It also should be mentioned in your a Rose for Emily essay that she belonged to rich, noble family that is why her relations with Homer did not find the support. Moreover, some time passed and this man left her. Emily could not stand it, bought arsenic and poisoned her lover.
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  • You are reading the article devoted to the 1984 essays writing. Unlikely the other articles of this sort, we are not going to describe you the 1984 essays writing process, or the 1984 essays structure in this article, since the writing process and the structure of every 1984 essay depends on the essay type, and on other personal characteristics. We, after all, want to share with our readers several tips on 1984 essays writing. Of course, these tips will have a general nature. However, they are certain to be timely for the 1984 essays of all types. So, whatever type of the 1984 essays you have chosen, you will find in our article some information which will be helpful exactly for you.
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  • Economics essay can be helpful for both those who understand and dislike economy. The first ones sharpen their knowledge by writing Economics essays. The second ones learn to understand how basic things like invasion into Iraq affect gas prices. As you can see, Economics essays are useful as long as it is clear how to write them correctly.
    Economics Essays: Stay Tuned
    It is useless to say the Economics essays are most of the time aimed at the modern situation. Certainly, everything is the other way around if you do a historical review. But unless this is the reason, make sure you are familiar not only with the historical side of your problem, but with its modern aspect, as well. This field of study is the one that sometimes runs even ahead of time. Your Economics essay should not be limited to some old information. The more you know, the better it will result on the quality of your writing and your grade.
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