• TOEFL test essayIf English is not your native language, but you want to study in one of the North American institutions, you will have to take the TOEFL test. Probably, you have heard that TOEFL is one of the most complicated tests. However, we know that many students manage to pass it successfully and get high scores.
    So, TOEFL is not easy to pass, and there is a stage that the great majority of students find the most difficult. What we mean are TOEFL test essays or the writing part of the test.
    Still, you have to forget about your worries and panic, since you certainly need high scores on your TOEFL essay. The only way to get them is to practice a lot and learn from TOEFL model essays. On the official website www. ets .org, you can find sample essay topics for TOEFL. If you surf the Web, you will also find free essays for TOEFL. So, you do have a chance to practice and get ready for writing TOEFL essays.
    Just be attentive when typing in a search engine the word TOEFL. If your type something like “TOEFEL essay”, do not expect to get necessary results.
    Anyway, our writers have prepared some recommendations on how to write a perfect TOEFL essay.

    • Read carefully your essay question and make sure you understand it. Jot down the main ideas that you will include into your paper.
    • Your TOEFL essay should be structured. An introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusions are obligatory sections.
    • Do not make too long sentences and vary their structure. Your TOEFL essay should include passive constructions, conditional sentences, questions, etc.
    • Finally, make sure you follow basic grammar and punctuation rules. Your sentences should have the main subject and a verb, which agree in tense and number.

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  • character analysis essayPsychology is not your major, but you have always wanted to become a psychologist for a while. Well, you have a perfect chance for this when writing a character analysis essay. Do not believe? Then find out how character analysis essays are completed, write one, and make sure that we are right.
    If you do not mind, we are ready to provide more details on writing character analysis essays. By the way, a characterization essay is another professional term for this kind of work. Well, it does not really matter.
    So, here are the promised tips for writing character analysis essays.

    • Read a story and pick one character. Usually, character analysis essays are devoted to the main character or protagonist. However, you can choose an antagonist as well. You cannot choose minor characters in your character analysis essay, unless else is specified by your teacher.
    • Your main purpose is to analyze the character. Particularly, you need to focus on the ways he/she changes throughout the story. If this happens, you have to explain in your character analysis essay why, when, where these changes take place.
    • Character analysis essays should include evidences from the story. If you say that the character changes in such-and-such way without giving necessary quotations, forget about a good grade on your character analysis essay.

    Your teachers have many other similar tasks for you. So, do not be surprised to get a character sketch essay as your next assignment. There are two ways to complete it:

    1. Write about a literature character;
    2. Devote your essay to somebody you know.

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  • Basic essay format – is it just an official requirement or something more useful? If you do not believe that basic essay format can be somehow useful to you, let us explain you the following.
    Basic essay format makes your essays easy to read and understand. And actually, you are the one to benefit from basic essay format. Following certain rules allows you to organize and introduce your ideas properly.
    If you still do not know all the rules of basic essay format, here is an algorithm for you to follow.
    Basic essay format: introduction
    This first part of your paper should have two important characteristics: introduction to a topic and a “hook” that grabs the reader’s attention. There are several ways to catch readers’ interest:

    • Asking a question;
    • Giving a quotation;
    • Drawing an analogy, etc.

    Basic essay format: main body
    Usually, the main body consists of three paragraphs, each supporting your thesis statement. So, you have to define the most significant points of your thesis and find necessary facts and arguments to support them.
    Mind that you need to study a sufficient amount of materials before you get reliable evidences. Use different kinds of sources: books, scientific journals and articles, websites, your class notes, etc.
    You also need to make sure that all your paragraphs are logically connected and each introduces one particular idea.
    Basic essay format: conclusion
    Finally, you need to bring together all major points of your paper. Do not develop any new ideas or topics. Just restate the most essential information.
    So, this is what basic essay format is about!
    Our writers can also explain you the rules of writing short essays and persuasive essays.

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  • Essay PromptsAlmost all students consider college essays to be one of the most challenging parts of the application process. Why? What is so special about college essays?
    Well. Let us explain this to you. The thing is that even though your scores and other merits are important, they cannot impress the admission committee too much. High scores are something that almost all students have. Thus, the committee is always looking for brilliant essays.
    So, do you need help with college application essay? Do you want several top-notch college essay prompts? Here they are!
    College essay prompt #1
    Do not try to be someone else. Be yourself. If you are a serious person, make a serious essay; if you are funny, let your paper be funny too.
    College essay prompt #2
    Think over the ways to get beyond generalities and obvious things. Try to guess what other students might write in their essays and create something completely different.
    College essay prompt #3
    Do not try to say too much. Focus on the most significant facts and events that may sound impressive.
    College essay prompt #4
    Do not forget about a strong thesis statement. Unfortunately, this rule is not canceled, and a thesis statement really matters.
    College essay prompt #5
    Make sure your paper does not resemble a history report or your autobiography. Do not give too much background information and details.
    College essay prompt #6
    Write sincerely. Do not write about something that you think the committee wants to see.
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  • Multi Genre EssaysWhat is a multi genre essay? Have you heard something about it but do not have a clear idea of what you should do? It is not a big deal! In this article, you will find basic tips on what a multi genre essay is and how it should be prepared.
    We have to say that writing multi genre essays is a perfect task for creative students. Mixing different genres allows producing an unusual and a thrilling piece of writing! So, if you want to get a paper like that, mind the following info.
    What is a multi genre essay all about?
    It is a paper that is written in different genres. You may wonder what the point of writing multi genre essays is. Well, you have a great opportunity to cover your subject from various perspectives. In its turn, it allows the reader to get a clear idea of what you are talking about.
    What do you know about genres?
    It is an extremely significant issue that should be sorted out before writing multi genre essays. A genre can be described as a type of writing. Poems, plays, newspaper articles, diaries are all types of writing. So, you have to choose several genres most suitable for your project.
    By the way, choosing the right genres is vital for multi genre essays. For instance, if you are writing an essay on Down syndrome, you cannot choose a poem as a genre for covering this topic. Thus, be careful!
    What particular actions will you have to take?
    Actually, writing a multi genre essay does not differ too much from what you got used to do. Writing a multi genre essay should start with researching your topic. You have to find answers to the main research questions. After that, you should think of the appropriate genres to introduce your answers in a multi genre essay.
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