• Essay ServicesPerhaps, you are doing it for the first time. You have decided to make an essay order. So, what are you going to do next? You choose a search engine, Google or Yahoo, and just start looking for custom essay services.
    What you see next is hundreds of custom essay services. They are trying to attract your attention by all possible means, like
    We have the lowest prices!
    We have the most experienced writers!
    We are completing tasks on all kinds of topics!
    It seems that the only thing they lack is neon signs. Yes, custom essay services have to struggle for their customers. Every year the number of students using custom essay services increases, so does the number of writing companies.
    Well, you are going to be a customer of custom essay services. Do not think that right now we will start moralizing about academic dishonesty and so on. We respect your choice and just do not want you to make mistakes when using custom essay services.
    Thus, take into consideration the following info:

    1. Try to check reliability of a custom essay service before you order. There are two ways to do it:
      • Look through the testimonials left by customers. By the way, if a custom essay writing service does not have such info on their web page, then it is a bad sign. So, stay away!
      • Ask for recommendations from your fellows. If you hear no complaints about this or that essay service, it must be reliable.
    2. Be attentive when making an order. Services in essay writing need your detailed instructions on completing an assignment. Give an exact topic, some specific requirements from your tutor, possible sources that should be used in the paper, etc.

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  • Essay OrderAre you tired of writing? Frustrated? Depressed? Then it will not be that difficult to guess your further intentions: you must be going to order an essay. Well, rather a good idea comparing to getting free essays that can cause you big troubles. Still, before you order an essay, mind the things to beware of. What are they? Read below.

    • Shady low prices
      The quality of an essay order rather often depends on its price. If the price seems too shady, there must certainly be any deceit, perhaps, even hidden charges. Actually, there are certain factors that the price should depend on: the urgency of an essay order, its complexity and academic level. That is why, before you order an essay, make sure these factors are taken into account;
    • Lack of plagiarism-free guarantees
      Does not the chosen company say a single word about plagiarism-free guarantees? Do not hope they are implied. It is better to make sure that after you order an essay, you will get a non-plagiarized paper;
    • Lack of refunds or money-back guarantees
      What if you are dissatisfied with the paper got? What if it absolutely does not correspond to your tutor’s requirements? How to hand in such essay? Think about it before you order an essay. A custom writing company should guarantee money-back or, at least, refunds in case your essay order is unacceptable;
    • Hidden information on how an essay order will be accomplished
      In spite of the fact that most companies assure that professional writers produce essays, it is often far from being true. So, before you order an essay, make sure that you will be given an opportunity to control the process of writing. It would be fine if you had a direct contact with a writer.

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  • College Admission EssayCollege admission essay can be one of the most important essays in your life. Do you have a dream to study in a certain college? Do you want to be enrolled in a program that is vital for your future career? Then you have to make every effort to produce an excellent admission essay.
    Definitely, there are several other aspects that will influence the decision of the admission committee. However, writing an essay can be called a deciding factor. One of the main secrets to getting this essay done is your awareness of all the admission essay requirements. This is what we would like to talk about in our article.

    • First, you have to know that admission essay requirements are different for every college and for every program. Thus, all the details you should get from your particular institution.
    • What is the most important issue about any essay? It is a topic. College admission essay requirements for a topic vary as well. Sometimes, you can write your paper on any topic. Sometimes, you can be given a list of topics to choose from.
    • No matter what the admission essay requirements for a topic are, there is usually a common approach at this stage. You will be asked to write a paper on some general topics devoted to your previous achievements, your future goals (like an essay “My aim in life”), personal traits and so on.

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  • Narrative EssaysNarrative essays are aimed to entertain the audience. If you have to write a narrative essay, you do not have to describe real facts which took place in your life. The purpose of narrative essays is to create a mental picture in the readers’ minds and satisfy their interest.
    Narrative essays have to be written according to the following principles:

    • Readers have to be involved into the story. This will make them more interested in your narrative essay.
    • Even if your narrative essay contains an unreal story, there must be something that relates it to the reality. It will allow the readers to feel deeper the captivity of your narrative essay, since they will feel themselves as the participants of some unusual and very exciting events.
    • It is very important to mention details within the narrative essay, since it will make your story seem more real than it is indeed.

    We will also present you the rules which are certain to help you compose your narrative essay:

    • Narrative essays are normally written in the first person (‘I’). However, you are allowed to use the third person, if you like.
    • Narrative essays have to describe human senses, impressions and thoughts, so that everyone feels that these feelings belong to him or her.

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  • Essay on IntegrityThe present day world lacks sincere and honest people able to say directly what they have in their minds. Is this problem not worth discussing in an essay on integrity? Surely, it is! Besides, it will be interesting for you to consider as well as for others to read about.
    Now we would like to present you possible ideas of what to write about in your integrity essay:

    • Value of integrity. When defining integrity in your own essay on integrity, you may give the examples of behaving good and honestly. Do you think integrity would be appreciated by the person you benefited from? If no, should you continue being honest with people and keep showing your integrity? The resulted conclusion on this problem will complete your idea on the value of integrity in your integrity essay;
    • How to check integrity. Essays on integrity can also be devoted to the consideration of people’s inclination to be kind only when somebody is watching them. How to reveal foul in a man’s character? Giving the answers to these questions in your integrity essay, you may say that integrity emerges only when a person is not being watched. If by chance you find a wallet on the road and do not take money, you possess integrity. Think about the examples you might give in your essay on integrity and provide reasonable explanations to the given examples;

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