• Narrative EssaysNarrative essays are aimed to entertain the audience. If you have to write a narrative essay, you do not have to describe real facts which took place in your life. The purpose of narrative essays is to create a mental picture in the readers’ minds and satisfy their interest.
    Narrative essays have to be written according to the following principles:

    • Readers have to be involved into the story. This will make them more interested in your narrative essay.
    • Even if your narrative essay contains an unreal story, there must be something that relates it to the reality. It will allow the readers to feel deeper the captivity of your narrative essay, since they will feel themselves as the participants of some unusual and very exciting events.
    • It is very important to mention details within the narrative essay, since it will make your story seem more real than it is indeed.

    We will also present you the rules which are certain to help you compose your narrative essay:

    • Narrative essays are normally written in the first person (‘I’). However, you are allowed to use the third person, if you like.
    • Narrative essays have to describe human senses, impressions and thoughts, so that everyone feels that these feelings belong to him or her.

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  • Essay on IntegrityThe present day world lacks sincere and honest people able to say directly what they have in their minds. Is this problem not worth discussing in an essay on integrity? Surely, it is! Besides, it will be interesting for you to consider as well as for others to read about.
    Now we would like to present you possible ideas of what to write about in your integrity essay:

    • Value of integrity. When defining integrity in your own essay on integrity, you may give the examples of behaving good and honestly. Do you think integrity would be appreciated by the person you benefited from? If no, should you continue being honest with people and keep showing your integrity? The resulted conclusion on this problem will complete your idea on the value of integrity in your integrity essay;
    • How to check integrity. Essays on integrity can also be devoted to the consideration of people’s inclination to be kind only when somebody is watching them. How to reveal foul in a man’s character? Giving the answers to these questions in your integrity essay, you may say that integrity emerges only when a person is not being watched. If by chance you find a wallet on the road and do not take money, you possess integrity. Think about the examples you might give in your essay on integrity and provide reasonable explanations to the given examples;

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  • GED EssayDo you have to get ready for your GED? Do you have to write the GED essay? Do you desperately need help with your GED essay? In this case, this article can be helpful for you. The tips you will find here can help you get the highest grade on your GED essay, and you will be much satisfied with the results.

    • GED essays prep. Since GED essays require good base of knowledge, you will have to fill in the gaps of your knowledge. In this case, GED essay practice will be useful. A good way of memorizing materials is to make notes. They will help you remember the rules obligat
    • Choosing the points to consider in the GED essay. Choosing the issues under consideration in GED essays is always difficult. However, nobody but you will choose them better, since only you know what area will reveal your knowledge and abilities better;
    • Outlining the GED essay. It is better to organize your thoughts and ideas schematically instead of doing a double job by formulating your GED essay sentences fully. If anything is not clear to you, make a list of GED essay questions and consult your supervisor;
    • Writing and editing. While writing an essay for GED, remember about the style and language required – exclude jargons, slang, plagiarism, repetitions, etc. Keep to the structure stated in your GED essay outline. In the process of essay editing, check everything starting with the general content of your GED essay up to separate sentences, structure and format.

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  • volunteer essaysVolunteer work is very popular, and a lot of people are involved in it. What are the reasons for that? This is what you will have to find out in your volunteer essay.
    By the way, watch out! Volunteer essay has many similarities with an admission essay. If it is so, you have to be even more inventive and creative. Such essays on volunteering should be really strong and argumentative to impress your committee.
    On the other hand, an essay on volunteer work also resembles a motivation essay. Why? Well, in this paper you will explain motivation of volunteers and the reasons why they have a desire to be engaged in this kind of work.
    So, if you are not sure what to write about in your volunteer essays, here are some ideas for you.

    • We have already mentioned the necessity to talk about motivation for becoming a volunteer. Actually, it is one of the key points of your volunteer essays. In fact, the reasons for volunteering differ: somebody wants to be needed; somebody wants to know and learn more in a certain field. If you have been involved in volunteering, you should definitely share your own motivations in your essay on volunteer work.
    • Volunteer essays should give deep analysis of the significance of your volunteer work.
    • Still, the best idea for essays on volunteer work is describing your own experience. If you do not have it, you should start gaining some. Actually, it will be useful not only for your volunteer essay, but for you, personally, since our life is about a constant progress and improvement.

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  • drafting essaysIf you write down every thought coming up to your mind at once while writing an essay, it will give you a real fun to read it as soon as it is completed. Unfortunately, people’s mind is made so that the thoughts do not come up to their mind in a logical way but as separate ideas. Human analytical abilities should arrange these thoughts in a logical chain. It especially concerns the writing process.
    Before writing an essay, you should rally your thoughts together and think of the best way to convey the idea you want. You need drafting essays. Unfortunately, not every student is conscious about the need of drafting essays, though, it is really huge. If you are not one of such students and care about your essay, the tips presented in this article will help you with drafting essays.

    • Narrow the problem under consideration up to a thesis statement. The process of drafting essays will start with formulation of a thesis statement, since you need to start with something;
    • Write down the thoughts or ideas helpful for supporting your statement. While drafting essays, it is extremely important to convey all auxiliary ideas in a logical chain. Mind it while drafting essays;
    • Provide persuasive proofs. Persuading your reader in accuracy of your position will not be enough to convince him/her. You will need evidences or examples taken from any sources. So, write them down while drafting essay as well;
    • State the sources used. Drafting essays is also useful for stating the sources used. Thus, you will be aware of what information is presented in this or that source and will not be confused.

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