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Welcome to Daily Fix of Awesome – the ultimate entertainment resource for students, and anyone who’s into all of the goodness, the Internet is able to provide us with! :)

The resource was created and is under the patronage of! staff agrees that in order to work hard on your education, you have to be able to relax properly and have fun, all while you’re at the computer! That’s the point behind Daily Fix of Awesome! Your entertainment, refined by our staff for your convenience!

We gather tons of cool stuff from all around the web: cool pictures, awesome
infographics, videos and more! Our editorial staff hand picks the best bits of
daily Internet entertainment and gives it all to you!

Daily Awesome is part of the educational project, aimed at
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The symbol of is the Deadlineman,
who is a superhero with a little twist – he’s there to
help you with your education: he hates deadlines and
plagiarism, he’s a really funny guy and a true
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