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Bonus extras free of charge:

  • The resources used to write the paper are available on the reference page.
  • Title page in the form of a template in accordance with the required style.

Essential Notes

  • Note that 1 page equals 275 words. You pay based on word count rather than the number of pages.
  • It is vital you provide all the necessary details in the Instructions section or by uploading instruction files. Make sure to include the required citation style and the number of sources you need for your paper.
  • You can upload up to 3 documents when placing your order. Additional documents can be added in the messages section of your order profile.

Frequent Questions

  • How safe is it?

    Our clients' privacy is our top priority. Using our service is safe. We use the best encryption technologies to protect your information and we don’t share it with third parties. Our data transmission is secured by vendors like Cisco and Amazon, and the website is scanned daily by TrustedSite®.

  • What are the payment options? Do I need to pay in advance?

    To pay for your order, you can use VISA, Mastercard, or any other major credit/debit cards, as well as Wire and Local Bank Transfer, and AliPay.

    We need to secure the payment for your writer, so you must pay in advance. There is the option to place an Inquiry Order to see if a writer is available to work on your assignment.

  • What information do you need to write the paper?

    You should provide all the information about the paper that’s available to you. The best way to ensure a successful order is to provide detailed and clear instructions for the writer.

  • How should I send the instructions?

    You can share them directly through messages, via email, chat, or by calling us.

Contact Your Expert

Smart-assign process

Our Smart-assign process

When picking an expert, we consider:

  • Assignment type, study level, and subject
  • Number of pages and the deadline
  • Whether a top-5 or a top-10 expert is chosen
  • Whether a preferred expert is mentioned
Communication with the Writer

Conversation with the Expert

Your expert can ask additional questions about the order or confirm that instructions are understood. You can:

  • Chat using the order dashboard
  • Exchange additional files

Essential Notes

  • Make sure that you’ve provided all the necessary order details and that what you paid matches what you need from our service. In case there are any discrepancies, we will contact you.
  • If we need you to clarify the instructions, we may put your order on hold until you provide us with the requested information. Alternatively, you may have to cover the cost difference required to complete your order.
  • We may extend your order’s deadline in accordance with the time it was placed on hold. This is why it is important to provide all necessary order details from the start.
  • Our experts are able to write papers on multiple subjects. We ensure product quality by monitoring their key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Our smart-assign technology is 90% accurate. If for some reason the writer declines the assignment, we run the same process again to find a suitable expert to complete your order.

Frequent Questions

  • Who is the writer working on my order?

    Your writer is an expert with a Master's or PhD degree in your field of study and over 5 years of writing experience. Only 2 out of every 100 candidates that apply meet our high standards and join our team of experts.

  • How do I know that my writer is qualified and understands all the instructions?

    We select the most experienced and skilled expert available to work on your assignment. You’re free to contact your writer to make sure that all instructions are clear and task requirements are followed. You can also request a draft paper before receiving the completed work.

  • How can I contact my writer?

    You can write a message to your writer directly from the order profile page. If you require an urgent reply, you can reach out to the support team.

  • Can I select a specific writer for my order?

    Yes. If you’ve worked with a certain expert before and would like them to complete this new assignment, choose them at checkout. You may also wish to pick one of the top writers available.

Order Progress Tracking

Be on track

Be on track

  • You can request a draft to control the writing process.
  • If you have any notes after reviewing the draft—please get back to us ASAP.
Rely on our editors

Let Editors Do Their Magic

Our editing team undertakes extensive checks, including:

  • Citation style and instructions
  • Adherence to academic writing norms
  • The use of stylistic devices, punctuation, and grammar
  • Plagiarism

Essential Notes

  • Within 24 hours of placing an order, or upon your request, the writer will send you a 1-page draft.
  • To detect plagiarism, we operate plagiarism tracking software from a reliable vendor, which functions as a more secure version of Turnitin. That means your paper doesn’t get posted to any database.
  • We undertake a verification process for every paper. This allows us to deal with any possible issues and provide a flawless paper.
  • For 1st Class or Superior service plans, we provide a quality report showing that your assignment is written in accordance with your instructions and carefully checked.

Frequent Questions

  • Is it possible to change order details after an order is placed?

    We encourage you to share all relevant instructions when you place your order. Reach out to us if you want to add extra details after your order is placed. If you want to change your order altogether after your writer has started work, this may incur additional charges.

  • What should I do if I don’t like the draft I’ve received?

    If you notice something is wrong with the draft, contact us ASAP with your concerns. The purpose of a draft is to keep our customers updated. We will review the draft and take your comments into account in order to deliver the best paper possible, according to your requirements.

Receive the Finished Paper

Get the final document

After we’re done working:

  • Download the file from the order dashboard
  • Go to your email and follow the link we’ve sent to receive the paper

Check the paper

You have a chance to request corrections within 14-90 days (depending on your Service Plan)

Write feedback

If you’ve noticed an error, we’ll revise the work in 24 hours (depending on your Service Plan)

Essential Notes

  • You will get a message from your writer with digital copies of the sources used, if you requested them.
  • You’ll be able to view the quality and plagiarism reports along with the final file.
  • If anything needs to be changed or added, please provide detailed notes and instructions. The more detail you provide—the sooner we’ll be able to improve your paper.

Frequent Questions

  • How to get the final paper?

    After the order is complete, you’ll get notified that the paper is ready to be downloaded. The paper can be downloaded via an email link or directly from the order profile.

  • When will my paper be ready?

    When placing an order on our website, you set the deadline. Over 97% of orders are completed within your specified deadline. After receiving the paper, you can review it and get back to us if any changes need to be made.

  • The deadline has passed for my order. What should I do?

    Get in contact with us. Perhaps the writer needs a bit of extra time to polish the paper or add some final touches. You’ll get compensated for the delay or you will be fully refunded if the deadline has passed and the paper is no longer needed.

  • How can I request changes to a paper?

    You have 14 days to request revisions, or if you use 1st Class or Superior Service Plans, you have 45 and 90 days respectively. Extra payment may be required if significant additions are requested.

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