Customized Essay Papers: As Easy as It Can Get! is employing state-of-the-art technological solutions to simplify the order submission procedure, provide 24/7 customer support and direct communication with writers. Your customized essay papers undergo the simple 4-step process outlined below:

  • 1. You fill out the order form

    What should you do?

    Provide project specific details to ensure that your personal essay writer has all the information necessary to produce a customized essay paper exactly the way you need it!

    • ISBN numbers of books studied in class ensure that issues covered in your customized paper are on track with what you learn at school.
    • Selection of appropriate level (School, College, Bachelor, Master) helps your writer decide on the appropriate writing style needed for your customized paper.
    • US and UK language options provide additional details for your writer to understand your project specific needs.

    What does our service do?

    Once we receive all information and the confirmation of payment, your order is made available to our team of expert writers, who apply to work on it. Once a number of applications are submitted, we select an academic writer who fits best your project needs.

  • 2. The writing process

    What should you do?

    You can relax or do anything else you want to do or take advantage of all the other features offered, including direct communication and file upload options. These are not mandatory, but they can help you keep track of your order status and the completion process. These options serve to provide you with the best customized essay papers on the web.

    What does our service do?

    While you are busy with other activities, your writer is working on your customized paper. Normally, the process starts with regular research, continues with planning, crafting a rough draft and then writing, re-writing, and editing until the customized paper meets your expectations. Every time your personal writer or our support team sends you a message with some questions, changes, etc., you receive an e-mail notification to be always informed.

  • 3. The writer finishes his/her work

    What should you do?

    Just relax! Your customized paper must still pass our quality assurance department standards prior to being delivered to you. So, even though the writer's work on your custom essay has already been completed, a few more hours are required for the editor to review the work. We certainly take into account your deadline and the time needed for editing is considered upfront - no need for you to worry about the deadline.

    What does our service do?

    After the writing is completed, the work is scanned for plagiarism, checked for formatting violations and minor mistakes, if any.

  • 4. The paper is delivered to you

    What should you do next?

    You receive your customized paper by e-mail as an attachment and you can also download your customized essay directly from our website. The plagiarism report, if selected by you as a free bonus, is also available for direct download. Read your customized paper thoroughly and fill out a customer satisfaction survey.

    Is it mandatory to fill out the survey?

    No, but you would do us a great favor if you take a few moments and complete this step. This is because the writer's work, his/her salary and status depend upon how well you rate his or her work. places your satisfaction as the ultimate goal! We empower you to speak out and let us improve our standards for you!

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