Is StandoutEssay Even Legal?

The short answer is yes. But let’s elaborate.
Over time, as more and more academic help services have appeared, people are raising
concerns about their legitimacy, because some of those services are employing illegal
practices. As a result, legit and reliable services have to prove they are safe to use, and not a scam.
Is StandoutEssay Even Legal?

Why is StandoutEssay Legit?

It’s not just because we say so. We have a number of ways to back up this claim.

  • Fair reviews.

    We get text and video reviews from real customers who share their honest opinions about the experiences they’ve had with our service. If there’s negative feedback, we use it as an opportunity to streamline our process and improve the overall quality of our service.

  • Paper samples.

    These give everyone a chance to see what our professional academic experts are capable of before placing an order. At the same time, these samples can serve as a source of inspiration or an insight into a topic or citation style.

  • Absolute privacy and safety.

    StandoutEssay uses the latest encryption methods and works with some of the best security providers to ensure that all of our clients’ private data stays safe and can’t be accessed by third parties.

  • Full money back guarantee.

    We’re confident that our service quality is high enough to satisfy every customer. But if something goes wrong with an order, we’re ready to issue a full refund.

What are the Signs of a Legitimate Writing Service?

There are certain features to look for if you want to find a legit, reliable writing service and not get scammed. Here at StandoutEssay, we pride ourselves in having all of the qualities listed below, ensuring our reliability and legitimacy.

  • Prices that aren’t too low. If their rates are way below the competition, it could mean something’s not right about that company.
  • Ability to perform any type of writing and any essay style. If the service says they can’t do certain types of papers, then can they really claim to be professional?
  • Ability to match a writing style or perform academic writing in any of the common citation styles.
  • Being open to communication. You should be able to contact either your expert or a customer support specialist whenever you have questions or concerns, or even just want to check on the progress of your order’s completion.
  • 24/7 availability. A legitimate service should be ready to take an order at any time, considering that their clients could be from any part of the world.
  • Free revisions and other guarantees. Guarantees (like no plagiarism, quick delivery, safety, etc.) and free revisions indicate that the company is confident in the quality of the service it provides. Failure to provide such guarantees means that you’re most likely dealing with an illegal firm.
  • Possibility to get a plagiarism report. It doesn’t matter if it’s free or paid. A legit writing service should always be able to prove that the works they provide are completely original.
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