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AI writing has taken the world by storm and for a good reason. Machines are now more powerful than ever, being able to produce coherent text in a matter of seconds. However, this is not always a good thing. This powerful AI Essay Tester will allow you to quickly spot computer-generated text. Read this article to discover:

  1. Our handy tool;
  2. The pros and cons of AI writing;
  3. Reasons for using this AI tester for essays;
  4. Ways to identify machine written text yourself.

πŸ“ˆ AI Essay Tester – Understanding the Results

Once our handy AI tester for essays finishes inspecting your text, you will be presented with a detailed analysis. Using an advanced processing matrix, this tool breaks down the frequency of words in a particular sequence. The words that an AI program is most likely to use are marked in green and yellow. Words that are less likely to be used by a machine are colored in red and violet.

Interpreting the results of the AI Tester tool.

Chart: Probability of AI Text

The Probability of AI Text chart sorts the words in your text into four categories. The green category contains the top 10 most predictable words. The top 100 most predictable words are marked in yellow. In red, you will find the top 1000 most predictable words. And finally, the violet category contains the words least likely to be used by an AI. In other words:

  • If the text that you are analyzing contains mostly green and yellow words, there is a high probability that it was written by an AI.
  • If the text is consistently broken up with red and violet words, then it was likely written by a human.

Chart: Fraction of Probability

The algorithm of our AI essay tester relies on mathematical functions as well as common sense. Due to the way English grammar works, a lot of the words can be reasonably predicted to come one after the other – for example, the word β€œam” is likely to come after β€œI”; the word β€œsuch” is likely to come after the word β€œas”, etc.

The Fraction of Probability chart compares these predicted likelihoods against the actual words in the text. Therefore, the smaller the ratio of higher probability columns to lower ones, the less likely the text to have been written by an AI program.

πŸ’» What Is AI Writing?

Recently, more and more people have been discussing the benefits of artificial intelligence. The discussion was sparked anew by the launch of Chat GPT. While its abilities blew many away, the technology made distinguishing between AI and human-written text harder. So, what are its benefits and drawbacks? Let's find out:

βœ” Pros ❌ Cons
Increased efficiency. AI platforms produce large quantities of drafts in the nick of time. Limited database. Most of these tools can only work with limited data resources, which influences the results of their work.
Cost-effectiveness. These tools save money and time on the draft stage of writing, as many of them are free. Low quality. Despite the great leaps in this tech, AI writing is filled with inaccuracies and errors that must be removed manually.
Faster completion. AI tools help deal with writer's block and produce various text types faster. High chance of plagiarism. Text generators often produce pieces that are riddled with plagiarized content.
Consistent voice and tone. AI writers help maintain the same tone and style in all written materials. Lack of new insights. These platforms can't make predictions or understand the specifics of your field.

✨ The Benefits of AI Essay Testers

It may seem that writing essays and other text assignments has become a walk in the park with the advent of AI. In reality, these programs have many drawbacks. That's why we strongly advise against submitting machine-generated work as your own. Plus, with the popularization of Chat GPT, teachers and other professionals are on the constant lookout for AI generated writing.

A lot of AI generated text is riddled with plagiarism, misinformation, and other inconsistencies.

This is precisely why we have created our AI tester for essays. You may find out about several applications of our tool on this page. There are several advantages the AI essay tester brings to the table:

  • It tells teachers if students worked on submitted papers. The tool makes evaluating assignments a lot easier and faster for educators. It also minimizes the risk of plagiarized work being submitted, all thanks to an elaborate algorithm that scans and provides accurate results within seconds.
  • The tool makes it easier for students to check their work for originality and authenticity. Our AI tester for essays highlights parts of the text that need extra work. Collegegoers may use this information to improve their essay-writing skills and the quality of their papers. This also improves their writing capabilities, pointing out areas that may require paraphrasing.
  • Articles writers, bloggers, and content creators may run their texts through the tool. It helps them avoid problems like getting pages flagged by Google algorithms. In turn, this practice saves their website ranking and reputation.
  • Academic writers will find this tool useful in their work. They may test AI-generated text and their writings to find similarities. It helps researchers avoid accusations of plagiarism and iron out their work better. The versatile tool can be used for various academic assignments, from research papers to dissertations.

πŸ” How to Test AI-Generated Text

Our AI tester for essays evaluates any text in a matter of seconds. However, learning about the telltale signs of machine-made documents will be beneficial. This will improve your writing and critical-thinking skills.

A list of indicators of AI generated text.

Let's examine the four indications of AI-generated text in greater detail:

  1. Sentence length.

    One of the first signs of artificially made content is the sentence structure. The technology can't master complex sentences yet, so the sentences are typically short and homogenous. This is most prominent in technical content, like step-by-step instructions or code. But, it's also easy to spot in research papers and other work due to the prevalence of uniform sentences.

  2. Repetitive words and phrases.

    Another indicator of AI-generated work is the apparent repetition of patterns. It happens as the tech uses too many relevant keywords. One may test AI-generated text and spot this in materials that reuse the exact same phrases and words. In fact, some tools fill the content with these elements to a point where they appear in every other sentence.

  3. Providing cold facts with no analysis.

    The third indicator of an AI-made text is the lack of in-depth research. Machines can't yet evaluate the data as humans do. Instead, they provide cold information without any further exploration. One example would be an article that looks like nothing but a compilation of facts.

  4. Faulty information.

    Despite the large databases, AI tools still lack accuracy. They get confused when working with several conflicting sources. This results in the content being full of inconsistencies and misinformation. For example, when the facts or numbers don't add up in the same piece.

We hope that our tool had helped you better spot AI-generated text. If you have any questions left, give our FAQ section a look. We're sure that you'll find answers to all of your questions there.

πŸ€” AI Tester for Essays - FAQ

πŸ“Œ Is there an AI checker for essays?

Yes, our tool can check essays and other types of texts. It highlights areas that require rewriting. College students may use its results to improve the quality of their work. But our free AI essay tester helps other categories of writers. Give it a try! It works like a plagiarism detector with a specialty in AI-generated text.

πŸ“Œ How to check if the text is generated by AI?

Add the text into the empty field and click on the button. Our AI tester for essays calculates if a human or an AI has written the text within several seconds. With that said, you should still check the text for signs we've explained earlier. Look for instances of too many short sentences, similar words, phrases, and inaccurate data.

πŸ“Œ Is it illegal to use AI to write an essay?

No, using an AI tool to create an essay has no legal consequences. However, it will most likely result in failing the assignment as most colleges use software to spot machine-generated text. This practice may also harm the reputation of content creators. To avoid these situations, do your best and remember to put texts through the detection tool.


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