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If you have ever asked, "How do I rewrite my paragraph without any mistakes?" - our tool is for you. With this simple tool, you will forever get rid of problems caused by plagiarism and incorrect quotations. It will rewrite paragraphs quickly and without changing their essence. The text you will receive in the end will not resemble the original in the slightest.

Our experts have provided some tips on text editing below. They will help you perfect your text by our paragraph rewriter or fix your writing before it has been paraphrased.

📚 Proofreading 101: Grammar & Punctuation

Our online tool can rewrite paragraphs, but it cannot correct punctuation and grammatical mistakes in them. Thus, if you need to paraphrase a text, it is better to check it for errors in advance. It will also help you review the already rewritten paragraph.

  1. Check every punctuation mark.

    Punctuation can be confusing sometimes. So, meticulously examine every comma, quotation mark, apostrophe, period, etc. Make sure you use punctuation properly to avoid misunderstandings. Automatic checkers like Grammarly might be helpful here.

  2. Look out for repetitions.

    Express your ideas succinctly! Make sure you don’t repeat the already mentioned information over and over again. Your readers will appreciate your conciseness. Also, avoid double negatives and tautology.

  3. Search for homonyms.

    Words may be pronounced similarly but have different meanings. If you mix them up, it can change your message and confuse the reader. In other words, avoid such cases and check the meaning. Some examples of homonyms are:

    • To cite (to quote) | a site (a location) | sight (vision)
    • To complement (to go together) | a compliment (a praise)
  4. Double-check dates and numbers.

    This step is simple but exceptionally crucial. Make sure you deliver only valid information. Failure to present correct (with clarified time zone, if applicable) dates and numbers will lead to miscommunication.

  5. Ensure the correct spelling of names & titles.

    Incorrect spelling is a common mistake that you can easily avoid. Just double-check every name and title you are using. It does not take a lot of time but saves you from embarrassment.

  6. Recall your common mistakes.

    You may regularly forget to capitalize letters in the titles, confuse some words, misplace apostrophes, etc. So, pay attention to your weak sides. Also, check such common cases as it’s/its, your/you’re, they’re/their/there.

✒️️ Tips on Editing & Rewriting Paragraphs

If you would like to refine the text you receive from our free rewrite paragraph tool, read this section. Here we have provided the best editing tips that will help you work on any piece and improve its quality.

Before editing.

To edit the paragraph, make sure to do the following:

  1. Replace passive voice with active voice.

    Active voice adds strength and intensity to your words. Thus, try to rewrite the text using it everywhere it is possible. It will make your writing more dynamic and convincing to the readers.

  2. Exclude uncertain phrases.

    Expressions like seems to be or could be a reason for are very weak. They put the writer’s expertise under the question. Plus, they can make the readers doubt the correctness of your ideas. Avoid using uncertain expressions to convey your message clearly.

  3. Delete filler words.

    Filler words like there are, it is, here are, etc., make your text boring and redundant. Try to exclude them. For example, instead of “It is essential to proofread an essay,” you can write, “Proofreading an essay is essential.”

  4. Remove useless adjectives & adverbs.

    Don’t overuse adjectives and adverbs because they can lessen the impact of your sentences. Choose strong words to convey your message. For example, instead of “I am very hungry,” write “I am starving.”

  5. Break up complex sentences.

    Compound sentences that are too long might be challenging to understand. Shorten them to add more clarity to your piece. This way, the paragraph is more likely to lack any confusion.

  6. Read it aloud.

    Reading out loud is an effective tool for noticing mistakes in your text. Ideally, your piece should sound smooth. So, if you hear any poorly worded sentence, rewrite it in different words.

Thank you for reading through our advice! Now, you can go back to our rewrite paragraphs tool. If you aren’t completely content with the results, why not try our free paraphrasing tool? It could be exactly what you need.


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