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Even though individuals can respond differently to the same piece of music, listening to favorite music is good for health because music reduces stress and trials revealed that it relieves pain.
Even though individuals can respond differently to the same piece of music, listening to favorite music is good for health because music reduces stress and trials revealed that it relieves pain.

You've found an excellent topic for your essay but are unsure about the thesis? We've got you covered! Our free thesis generator is here to kickstart your ideas. You can use it for any type of academic writing: research papers, essays, and even dissertations.

In this article you will find:

  • a free thesis statement generator;
  • everything about thesis statements;
  • plus bonus examples!
Thesis Generator: Free & Fast Online Tool.

👍 Thesis Generator Benefits

The most essential benefits of this thesis statement generator are listed below.

🚅 Very fast 100% online, no registration required.
🌈 Intuitive Follow the prompts & look at the examples.
🎯 Customizable The tool will make a thesis according to your data.
🤑 No payments The thesis statement generator is 100% free.

✅ How to Use the Thesis Statement Generator

Our tool uses the information you enter and creates a unique thesis. What’s even better, you can use it as a research question generator. Just follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Type in your main idea. This is the center of your thesis. Use general information without punctuation marks.
  • Now, youprovide the main arguments that support your claim. You can add up to three arguments.
  • In the last step, the thesis builder requests an argument that backs up the opposing position. It would help make your essay more credible.
  • Choose the thesis you like best.

That's it! You've crafted a sophisticated thesis with our thesis statement maker.

Want another thesis? Feel free to use our generator as many times as you wish!

🖊️ What Is a Thesis in Writing?

The thesis is the core claim of your paper. Its key function is to give the reader and the writer a sense of direction. A strong thesis statement consists of three parts:

  1. Topic.

    Briefly say what your essay will be about.

  2. Position.

    State your position in a precise and on-point manner. Strong verbs and adverbs are a good way to bring your opinion across.

  3. Reasoning outline.

    This part introduces your evidence. For a typical five-paragraph APA style essay, you need three supporting arguments.

On top of that, your thesis can be either direct or indirect.

  • A direct thesis presents your arguments clearly.
  • An indirect thesis grabs your reader’s attention by merely hinting at what you will discuss in your paper.

Keep reading if you want to know how to write a brilliant thesis statement.

💪 How to Make a Thesis Statement Strong

We’ve talked about the basic structure you can use to formulate your thesis statements. But how do you make them truly great? The best thesis statements are compelling, concise, and supported by evidence.

If you already have a general outline for your essay, save yourself some time, and use our free statement builder!

🖊️ Essay Thesis Statement

With these step-by-step guidelines, you can practice formulating a brilliant thesis statement for all types of essays:

  • Check your sources and gather plenty of information.
  • Write a tentative thesis. It is a first draft that helps you organize your thoughts in a logical pattern. You use it as a base for your final statement.
  • Locate the thesis towards the end of your introduction paragraph.
  • Including counterclaims adds credibility to your statement.

Now let’s have a look at the types of essay thesis statements:

  • Evaluative theses are used in compare and contrast essays. They define one thing as better/worse than another thing.
  • A synthesis statement presents a new idea that stems from the summary of two or more sources.
  • A thesis for a literary analysis breaks down a piece of dramatic, prosaic, or poetic literature. You can focus on elements such as plot, characters, or tone.
  • Rhetorical analysis and its statement should concentrate on how words are used to persuade the audience.

Choose the type of thesis that corresponds to your assignment!

🔬 Research Paper Thesis Statement

Research papers dig deeper than essays. Therefore, the thesis has to reflect this quality. Here is how it’s done:

  1. Choose among the three types of research paper statements:
    • An analytical thesis statement highlights your topic’s individual components.
    • In an argumentative thesis, you state a claim and support it with evidence. It can contain your position or a suggestion.
    • An informative thesis sums up your topic in one concise definition.
  2. Collect all the necessary information before you start working on your thesis.
  3. Remember to keep your thesis precise.
  4. Just like with essays, your statement belongs at the end of the introduction.
  5. It’s normal to shift your perspective while writing. Be sure to rephrase your thesis accordingly.

🔊 Speech Thesis Statement

Speeches, too, need thesis statements. The crafting process differs from that of research papers and essays.

  1. Decide whether your speech will persuade or inform the audience. Thus, you choose either a persuasive or an informative speech thesis statement.
  2. Writing a purpose statement helps you zoom in on a particular topic and clarify your goal. There are two kinds of them:
    • The general purpose statement identifies your goal. Speeches can convince, inform, or entertain.
    • The specific purpose statement connects your topic with your objectives.
  3. Formulate the thesis statement. Don’t forget to include a summary of your speech. Here's an speech thesis example:
    • Due to the apparent health and environmental benefits and reduced production costs, the school should adopt an all-vegetarian lunch policy.

💡 Thesis Statement Examples

Now, let’s take a look at some samples. Here’s a thesis for a persuasive essay on racism and psychology:

Through its storytelling, music, and outstanding acting, Tony Kaye’s film American History X illustrates what draws young adults towards white supremacism. It can, therefore, be used to educate students on the subject.

This statement presents its arguments: storytelling, music, and performance. It also displays the author’s position and goal.

The next example is a thesis for a reflective essay for APUSH.

Thanks to the Civil Rights Movement, I can now attend university.

Since you’re talking about yourself, there are no wrong conclusions. Still, this is not a very good thesis example. It doesn’t establish a general direction and doesn’t provide enough information. Let’s try rephrasing it:

The success of the Civil Rights Movement has directly influenced my opportunities to receive a quality education as a black student in the US.

Much better! This thesis introduces the struggle for equality as a topic. Besides, it links personal benefits to historical events.

Finally, compare these two statements for a narrative essay on marriage:

  • Getting married was better than I expected.
  • I always thought marriage was an outdated institution, but I learned some valuable life lessons about responsibility once I got engaged.

For all its shortness, the first statement wouldn’t even make an exciting title. The second one indicates an exciting change and invites the reader to continue.

We hope this article was useful to you. And don’t forget: you can always use our thesis maker to give your creativity a boost.

🔀 5 Tips to Restate Your Thesis Statement

The thesis is necessary for your paper's introduction and conclusion. Aim to preserve the meaning while changing the wording.

Below you'll find 5 helpful tips to restate your thesis statement.

  1. Paraphrase the main idea.
    What is the key concept in your thesis? Start by rephrasing it.
  2. Make it short.
    Avoid adding brand-new information or expanding the argument.
  3. Don't lose the original meaning.
    Make sure to keep the clarity and focus of the original thesis.
  4. Use transitional words.
    Adding some new transitions to make the thesis look different is a good idea.
  5. Try the tool on this page.
    Use this thesis statement generator to restate your thesis.

🤔 FAQs

📌 How Do You Find an Article’s Thesis?

You will find the thesis at the end of the introduction paragraph. It’s a statement that summarizes the arguments used in the article. It also clarifies the author’s position on a particular subject.

📌 What Is an Open Thesis?

An open thesis is an opinion sentence that describes your topic only in minor detail. It simply presents your general position and contains neither your argumentative outline nor your reasons.

📌 How Do You Restate a Thesis?

A restated thesis is the first part of the conclusion paragraph. It’s vital to not just repeat the thesis used in the introduction. Rewrite it in different words using engaging language. Then go over your arguments again and connect your closing statement with the beginning.

📌 What Is a Claim in an Essay?

A claim is the central argument of any essay, research paper, and even a Ph.D. thesis. It states your paper’s position and objectives. All claims need to have supporting evidence to be credible. Ideas that oppose your claims are called counterclaims.


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