Writing an Essay Describing Your Favorite Relative

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Posted: January 29, 2009

relative essay Writing an essay describing your favorite relative is rather exciting, besides, easy. You do not have to search for additional sources to write such essay. What you have to do is tell who your favorite relative is, describe him/her, and explain why you love him/her. Below, you will find tips for writing a relative essay. They will help improve your paper.
Introduce your favorite relative to the reader

Be original. If you write something like “My favorite relative is my uncle Bob. He is a very caring person, and he is always there when you need him…”, the essay on your favorite relative will hardly be original. Start with defining the word “favorite relative.” Then, tell whom you regard to be your favorite relative.
Describe the character of your favorite relative
What is so special about your favorite relative? What kind of person he/she is? Is he/she always cheerful and optimistic? Does your favorite relative always give you a smile? Does he/she make you feel better? Tell about it in your essay describing your favorite relative.
Tell about the talents and abilities of your favorite relative
“My uncle John plays guitar and sing songs each time we go for a picnic”, – Ann.
“My aunt Sarah is an artist. Actually, she taught me to draw well and be patient. I am so grateful to her!” – Jack.
“My granny is a strong woman. I was always proud of her ability to overcome fears and difficulties in life”, – Gordon.
What is so special about your favorite relative? Describe his/her abilities or some talents in your essay.
Tell about his/her life motto in the relative essay
Probably, your favorite relative always repeats a certain aphorism, saying, or some wise phrase. Maybe it helped you once overcome some problem, helped you face difficulties, etc. Tell about it. In the essay about your favorite relative, describe his/her face at the very minutes when he/she teaches you to be strong and wise.
So, good luck!
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