Essay Writing Tips

Personal Essay: Writing about One’s Experiences and Thoughts

A good personal essay has to reflect the individual experiences of the writer. It also has to illustrate his or her views on a specific problem or question. You can write such a paper in high school or in college, and the ability to write such papers can always come in handy. There are several strategies that will help you cope with this assignment.

Writing an Essay Describing Your Favorite Relative

Writing an essay describing your favorite relative is rather exciting, besides, easy. You do not have to search for additional sources to write such essay. What you have to do is tell who your favorite relative is, describe him/her, and explain why you love him/her. Below, you will find tips for writing a relative essay. They will help improve your paper.

How to Write a Reflexive Essay

What is a reflexive essay? How to write a reflexive essay? Those who face reflexive essays for the first time are confused: Is “reflective essay” and “reflexive essay” the same task? Actually, these tasks are similar.

Proverb Essay Writing

To succeed in proverb essay writing, you should clearly understand the essence of a proverb essay. Thus, the purpose of a proverb essay is to expand on the meaning of a particular proverb and find its application in life. As you have already understood, to write a successful proverb essay, you need to choose a good proverb that can be a good subject for discussion in your proverb essay.