Essays about More Job Opportunities in Big Cities: Points to Consider

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You live and study in a small town, where everybody knows each other. Like many other young people, you dream to enter college in a big city, find a good job there, and live happily.

By the way, what about jobs in big cities? Many people believe that they offer more job opportunities. Is it really so? You can investigate this when working on your essay about more job opportunities in a big city and decide whether you really need to leave your hometown.

These are several points to consider in essays about more job opportunities in big cities.

Point 1

It is a fact that the bigger a city is, the more places to work it offers. Tell about all those shopping malls that require a huge number of employees, big and small businesses, restaurants and cafes, etc.

Point 2

On the one hand, chances to find a job in a big city are really higher. On the other hand, you should mention competition that is much tougher. Find relevant statistics to include into your essay about more job opportunities in a big city that illustrate how many people apply for an average job position.

Point 3

Another aspect to discuss in your essay about more job opportunities in a big city is employers’ requirements. What are employers looking for? What is their vision of perfect candidates? What skills are the most valuable?

Point 4

Finally, find information about how many people who move from small towns to big cities get a really good job.

We are sure work on your essay will help you sort out many useful things about big cities and your chances to survive there. Reading about an essay on New York and Amsterdam essay might be interesting too.