An Essay on Being Late: Do not Be Late with It!

Girl late.

You know that being late is bad, but you cannot do anything about this habit of yours. You are late to school, dates, buses, and it seems that you are going to be late with your written assignment.

By the way, this assignment was given specially to you. You are the only one in class who has to write an essay on being late. What an exclusive task! Yet, it seems like your teacher is tired of your irresponsibility (and this is exactly what he/she thinks about you).

Then, let us not waste your precious time and give some recommendations for writing essays on being late.

We suggest you include the following paragraphs into your essay on being late.

Paragraph 1

Do not waste your time and paper and start talking about the main problem straight away. So, why are you always late? Think about the main reasons for that and introduce them in your essay on being late. Lack of time management skills, laziness and lack of responsibility can be included into your list.

This part of your essay on being late should also reflect your understanding of this bad habit. Provide at least three reasons why being late is bad.

Paragraph 2

Although you are always late, you definitely realize that punctuality is a much better habit. This is what the next paragraph of your essay on being late will be devoted to. Just explain the importance of being punctual.

Paragraph 3

Finally, you will have to develop and tell about some strategies on how to learn coming and doing everything on time.

We are sure that this experience will be really helpful and you will gain a new habit.

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